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Walk With Me


Walk with me where, in the sun topped trees, the chiffchaff and wren sing in harmony , a chorus in a still bare canopy studded with the promise of new growth. Greater perriwinkle spills down the bank amongst the clean green new nettles ripe for foraging. Golden dandies nod as I pass by, spring soldiers lining my procession.

Next a froth of blackthorn greets me amongst the greening hawthorn leaves and a smattering of bluebells in the field margin a farmer has left is accompanied by the chime of skylarks above. A ground beetles dances beside me and tiny black mouse spiders scuttle across my path. Here rocket cress takes over from the dandelions and the wild cherry blossom paints the blue sky.

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Cerridwen's Cauldron
Cerridwen's Cauldron
Dawn Nelson