Jan 23, 2021 • 29M

Season 2 Episode 1 : ‘A Country For Old Hags‘ - Cailleach Folklore

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Dawn Nelson
Merry Met virtual traveller and welcome to Stories From Lore. A monthly podcast that invites you to ‘Rewild Yourself Through Story,‘ by exploring nature, folklore and the stories it inspires. My name is Dawn Nelson and I am an author and professional storyteller.
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Season 2 is here and from this season on episodes will be released monthly and on the theme voted for by my wonderful patrons. This month you lovely lot chose 'A Country For Old Hags,' and so the winter witch, creatrix and woman of the land the Cailleach is the subject of January's episode. I look at her connection to the land and the animals on it and tell you the story from lore, 'The Green Lady', a traditional tale from Hertfordshire.

In the extended version of this episode, you can hear more about the Cailleach's connection to water, a hilarious if not risqué diversion technique applied by a French Sailor when encountering the giantess of winter and where the Cailleach sits in the pantheon of Celtic goddesses. Hop on over to my Patreon to join the Ranger tier to listen and hear a second story from lore, 'The Marriage Of Sir Gawain.'

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Sound Effects via www.orangefreesounds.com


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