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Season 2 Episode 2: ‘The Dead Do Tell Tales‘ - Folklore of The Dead

Season 2 Episode 2: ‘The Dead Do Tell Tales‘ - Folklore of The Dead

This month patrons chose the theme of ‘The Dead Do Tell Tales’ and so for this episode I will be looking at the spectre of death and the folklore surrounding the psychopomps and harbingers of death. The story from lore for this episode is ‘The Singing Bone.’

Due to the nature of the subject covered in this podcast I would recommend this as adult listening and that you should listen through first before listening with younger members of your household. 

In the extended version of this episode, you can hear more about the mythology of death, where you go once you're gone and some of the ways different cultures celebrate and pay their respect to their dead. The second story from lore is my original story, 'The Legend Of The Banshee.'

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Music Attribution:

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Sound Effects via www.orangefreesounds.com

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Stories From Lore - A Folklore And Nature Podcast
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