Jun 25, 2021 • 19M

Season 2 Episode 6: Pirates Of The High Teas - Pirate Folklore

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Dawn Nelson
Merry Met virtual traveller and welcome to Stories From Lore. A monthly podcast that invites you to ‘Rewild Yourself Through Story,‘ by exploring nature, folklore and the stories it inspires. My name is Dawn Nelson and I am an author and professional storyteller.
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Merry Met virtual traveller, hello and welcome to stories from lore a monthly podcast that explores folklore and the stories it inspires. My name is Dawn Nelson and I am an author and professional storyteller. 

This month patrons chose the theme of ‘Pirates Of The High Teas’ and so for this episode we are taking a voyage across the whale road with the many rogue privateers and pirates who have made it into the legends and mythology of our time with a sprinkling of tea scones and jam.  

In this episode I will explore the roots of piracy, the tea clippers of the 1800s and some famous pirates such as Black Bart and Captain Henry Morgan. The story from lore for this episode ‘Cruel Coppinger’. 

I will go on to explore pirating folklore in the form of black spots, the kraken and ghost ships in the extended version, which is available on my Patreon and the second Story From Lore for patrons will be, ‘The Legend Of Davy Jones’.

There are some dark folkloric characters explored in this podcast and so, as always, I would recommend that you should listen through first before listening with younger members of your household. 

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Sound Effects via www.orangefreesounds.com