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Season 4 Episode 2: Strawberries Fair - The Folklore of Strawberries

Season 4 Episode 2: Strawberries Fair - The Folklore of Strawberries

It’s back! Season 4 continues with Episode 2: Strawberries Fair. In this episode I’m exploring the folklore of the humble strawberry, both wild and propagated with lashings of cream and perhaps a scone or two.

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The extras for this episode will include: a recipe for Strawberry Salsa which we have been eating lots of in our household recently, a short audio which is a whistle stop tour of some of my favourite story collectors of which the Grimm Brothers are one, a written version of the folklore included in this podcast and a link to a Spotify playlist which includes a variety of strawberry themed music.

On occasion there are dark folkloric characters explored in this podcast and so, as always, I would recommend that you should listen through first before listening with younger members of your household.

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