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Merry Met fellow lover of myth and story. My name is Dawn. I am an author, consultant, reenactor and professional storyteller.

Here you will find posts on mythic living; the idea that in order to connect with our inner selves and the biophilic rhythms that lie deep within us, we must first reconnect with the land, nature, heritage and the stories it holds. In this way we begin the journey to rewild ourselves through story.

My focus is Celtic, British and Scandinavian mythology to encourage reconnection to our natural selves, through the lessons present in the stories, folklore and nature of these cultures and the landscapes they inhabit.

Join me as we stir the cauldron of myth, legend and nature to discover the wisdom within it.

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One of my favourite stories to tell is Cerridwen’s Cauldron, sometimes known as The Tale of Taliesin and it’s from this story that this substack takes its name. Listen to Cerridwen’s story here:

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Explore the cauldron of myth, legend, folklore & story with performance storyteller and author Dawn Nelson. Using stories & folklore from the Celtic, Brittonic & Scandinavian traditions, we follow the seasons to reconnect with nature & the land.


Dawn Nelson

An author, storyteller and consultant rewilding through story.